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Dog owners requirement to be available to modification

little dog’s possessiveness

A lady named Ellie composed a comment on this blog where she explained exactly how her Yorkie named Gemma was acting aggressive towards other dogs.

I wished to share Ellie’s example since it tells a great deal about the complex connections we type with our dogs as well as exactly how this is not necessarily good.

Ellie explained exactly how every time she tries to pet one more dog, Gemma growls as well as snaps at that dog. This is a issue since Ellie wishes to get a second dog, as well as Gemma’s habits would make that difficult.

She requested advice on exactly how to repair this problem.

I composed back as well as told Ellie that it doesn’t noise like Gemma has an problem with other dogs. Instead, it seems like Gemma has an problem with possessiveness. Gemma may be a bit insecure or fearful, however she feels secure as well as risk-free near Ellie. So, like many little dogs, she wishes to guard her “power source.”

I told Ellie to take more manage of the situation. She should discover to block Gemma from getting in between her as well as one more dog by putting her arm out or providing a firm voice correction. I told her that she gets to choose which dogs she gets to  pet or hold. Gemma does not get to decide.

I told Ellie that she should think about putting a leash on Gemma, tethering her to a chair as well as ignoring her while she pets one more dog. I told her to invite Gemma back when she is calm as well as quiet.

This is the type of advice I provide out all the time.

In these circumstances where a little dog has overall control, the owners are usually offended by my suggestions as well as never go to my site once again or they say thanks to me for my tremendous help. It’s an even split.

Ellie did neither.

Here’s what she stated (I edited her comment for grammar as well as length):

Dzięki za odpowiedź. seems like great advise, however don’t believe I might do it. Gemma is a appropriate infant as well as absolutely adorable. everybody likes her. I’m worried that with this technique she will feel pushed out. She’s like that with my husband as well, however not so nasty. I may just have to resign myself to just her. I can’t have her upset. thanks so much again.

You can checked out the whole conversation here.

It’s as well bad, really. Gemma would most likely feel much much better if her owner would take more control. as well as it’s a pity if Ellie can’t get one more dog.

But I don’t see this type of honesty often, as well as it was a nice surprise.

I appreciate when somebody admits she is the only one standing in the method of change. This is rare.

I likewise appreciate when somebody disagrees with me however delivers her disagreement with authentic kindness. likewise rare.

Most people select to blame others – in this case, it would be the dog. Or, they get upset as well as reject the issue exists (forgetting they discovered my blog while searching for advice).

I get to hear about people’s “dog problems” all the time.

These issues are seldom “dog” issues at all. They are almost always human problems.

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