opieka nad zwierzętami z ograniczonym budżetem Uncategorized [New Product] My dog Nose It sun security For Dogs

[New Product] My dog Nose It sun security For Dogs

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Dogs like to frolic in the warmth of the sun. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, a frenzied game of fetch, or just a long afternoon snooze, possibilities are your dog spends hours under the sun’s rays each week. all of us want our dogs to enjoy the fantastic outdoors as much as possible however with the growing threat of skin cancer because of sun exposure, should we be worried about our pets? dog skin cancer is on the rise. Protecting your pet is more important than ever, however what works for us might be deadly for them.

Can dogs get skin cancer?

Dogs of all breeds can as well as do get skin cancer. Some breeds are more prone to specific kinds of skin cancer, however no dog is immune. While some kinds of skin cancer are believed to be genetically influenced (such as melanoma), squamous cell carcinoma is frequently triggered by exposure to UV rays from the sun. most of us presume that our dogs are naturally secured against sun damage by their thick coats, however delicate areas such as the nose as well as ears are vulnerable to the ravages of ultraviolet light. Squamous cell carcinomas frequently appear as raised, firm tumors that may be mistaken for warts. These tumors are most frequently surgically removed, which can be expensive to you as well as unpleasant for your pet.

Protecting your pet against cancer-causing UV exposure can assist prevent the trauma as well as cost of cancer treatment. Don’t just reach for the SPF 45 sunscreen in your beach bag, though. The chemicals in sunscreen formulated for humans can be deadly for your dog! components like Zinc Oxide as well as Titanium Oxide are toxic to animals as well as may be fatal if swallowed. Fortunately, there’s a new, all-natural sunblock formulated particularly for dogs so you can protect your sun-loving pet safely.

My dog Nose It assists prevent dog skin cancer

My dog Nose It sun security for Dogs safely protects your dog’s nose, ears, as well as belly from harmful UV rays that may cause sun damage or even skin cancer.

The all-natural formula was made particularly for dogs utilizing components that take in UV rays while assisting to seal in wetness as well as prevent nose color from fading. This quick-drying, paraben-free balm soothes as well as heals dry, cracked skin while producing a protective barrier against harsh sunlight.

My dog Nose It can be utilized on any type of area of your dog’s skin that is not completely covered in fur, so it’s particularly important for dogs with short hair or thin coats.

Even dogs who like to swim or play in the water can utilize My dog Nose It! It’s water-resistant to keep working even when your dog gets wet as well as does not requirement to be re-applied for as much as two hours.

Out as well as about without your own sunscreen? My dog Nose It is likewise risk-free as well as efficient for people, so you can protect yourself as well as your canine buddy from the exact same jar. A bit My dog Nose It goes a long way, as one 0.5 ounce jar can last as much as 4 months for one dog, even when utilized daily. protect that bit wet nose from the searing sun with My dog Nose It sun security for Dogs.

Win a free My dog Nose It sun security for Dogs!

Does your outdoorsy doggie requirement to be secured from the damaging rays of the sun? tell us why as well as you might win a free jar of My dog Nose It from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us what your dog likes to perform in the sun as well as you might win a free jar of My dog Nose It sun security for Dogs.

One champion will be selected at random on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, so everybody who participates has a possibility to win! Powodzenia!

Congratulations to the champion of our drawing, Lisa Patrick!

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